Setting up an account

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Setting up an account

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I've filled in the online form to set up my account. I don't get the activation email. However the same approach works as I was able to set up this forum account. So why don't I get the activation email?
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Re: Setting up an account

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Yes, that is very strange since the mail services would be the same for both the OCP service and these forums.

We know that all Microsoft services are constantly blocking our emails or sending them to spam. They could care less about smaller companies as we have tried to contact them and to work with them on countless occasions yet they keep doing this. It is an unjust action to our members because we absolutely do not spam. Every single email we send out even includes an unsubscribe and all correct DNS and other measures.

We are very aware that a blacklisting service called UCEPROTECTL3 keeps putting entire ASN's in their blacklist and that no one seems to have been able to do much about this yet. What happens is that if one single mail server does something that is considered spam, this service blacklists not only this server but the entire IP range that this server is part of which effectively blocks countless other mail servers. Then they request payment to be removed.

We suspect that companies like Microsoft owned mail services are using this service and so we and countless other mail servers and up with problems that affect our members.

By the way, one other thing that keeps happening is people sign up to the service and sometimes when they leave it, rather than disabling their notifications, they flag them as spam with their mail service which effectively prevents others from getting their notifications too.

I'm sorry that this is happening and we do not seem to have any control over it. Only members of those services can change things by complaining to their mail providers. All I can suggest is that you send an email to from your mail service so that it will whitelist the domain.

Can you give that a try and we'll go from there.
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