No cost, community Internet reliability study

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No cost, community Internet reliability study

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If you live in a community that is suffering ongoing Internet access problems, we offer a free study that could help everyone in your area to get better services.

Our community program helps you and your neighbors by strategically gathering facts and information concerning Internet access reliability in your area.
The resulting data can be used when speaking with the local provider and may help them to better understand what customers are seeing which is often very different from what their own monitoring equipment does.

Typically, someone in the community contacts us and once we have established how we can help, motivates neighbors to take part in the study which requires each of them to install one of our hardware agents to their Internet service. When installing our devices, we are happy to get on a phone call with anyone that needs help. The devices are on loan to all neighbors that are taking part and should be returned once the analysis is complete.

We offer all of this at no cost for multiple reasons.

The studies immediately empower customers through factual evidence that is often dismissed by providers yet should be considered in order to deliver what is fast becoming a very important service for many. The studies allow us to help communities, refine our technologies and allow us to better understand how our service might help many that are suffering Internet access issues.

If you feel your community could benefit from our study, please feel free to use the contact form on this site to send us your details. Please include a phone number so that we can call you as soon as we receive your request.
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