Internet reliability frustrations

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Internet reliability frustrations

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Was your Internet down? Was it your provider having an issue or was there a widespread Internet outage? Do you know if it affected your location alone, the neighborhood or multiple areas? How can you know?

If you suffer from slow, sluggish or completely down Internet access at times, you probably also find it frustrating when the problems mysteriously come and go without answers. It can get even more exasperating when those problems are ongoing, intermittent and there is no help to be found.

Mystery of reliability

Take the mystery out of Internet connectivity problems with home and business Internet troubleshooting. Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing based on triggers, historical data and more.

You can even receive notification emails when your Internet has gone down. And as a bonus, we even include free DDNS to reach devices at the same location.

See what’s happening to your connection from your side of the modem. Use social media to share reports with neighbors and others in your area to get a clearer picture of how your local Internet provider is working.

Frustrating calls to support

Most of us hate calling tech support because we expect to be frustrated by long wait times and service reps who can’t seem to find the problem. Providers do not monitor from your side of the modem and in order to get help, you need to gather information.

Tech support calls often lead to “Everything looks fine from here, Mr. Jones” or “Did you try rebooting your modem?” Worse, how do you show that you were unable to connect to anything for the last 30 minutes when the tech looks and tells you that everything looks fine? You can’t, until now!

Now you have data

No more finger pointing, now you’ll have actual details about the issues. When neighbors or even friends across town using the same provider take part, the statistics become better for everyone monitoring.

While it might be easy to dismiss one complaint, it becomes easier for the provider to help you when details show that others are experiencing the same problems and sharing their results on social sites.

Our mission is to help consumers to get more reliable Internet services. Net Neutrality is an important issue that affects us all but no matter whom we get our services from, they must be highly reliable.

Promised speeds and actual throughput are two very different things. Providers can easily throttle, limit and otherwise slow throughput in high demand areas that simply not have the capacity being sold. There is no accountability unless you buy service level agreements and unless you monitor closely.

Many suffer ongoing intermittent problems because their connection needs upgrades and/or repairs, but nothing gets done until problems hit critical mass.

One person contacting support may be brushed off and told to reboot their PC or modem, but when multiple people are armed with hard facts, it is harder to ignore.

Try our demo and see live reports

Try the demo ( ) for yourself and get a preview of what you can expect once you start troubleshooting your Internet connection. Simply create an account, download our free software, install it on a Windows 7/8/10 and newer Linux PC, keep it on 24/7 and you’ll start seeing details about your Internet connection very soon.

Use the service at no cost, no obligations or contracts. DDNS is included at no cost as long as you have an agent running which can keep updating our DNS servers for you.

If Internet issues are frustrating you, it’s time to monitor your service and get the real facts.

Please share this post with anyone you know that is experiencing Internet problems and help us change Internet reliability for everyone.

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