Increased number of Internal disconnects

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Re: Increased number of Internal disconnects

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It's good to hear that things have improved some. One issue we see regularly is that providers will make repairs, everything seems to work nicely for a while then slowly degrades again. This seems to be a common thread.

>However, I'm now 5 days in and have started to get Outage speed tests showing (Black bars on the graph) yet there is no outage
>shown on the outages graph or the "why my internet was down" list in light view.
>Can anyone tell me why this might be?

This is a bug in the speed testing algorithm. There is a condition where the agent thinks there is a problem such as latency or a slow down which triggers these speed tests. The black bar is only supposed to show up after an outage.

The idea behind running the speed test after an outage is that over time, it might show a trend. It's not all that useful since speeds are constantly changing and typically, right after an outage, speeds are way back up at least for a while.

The reports are all about trends, it's what you see over longer periods of time but when you don't see an outage yet see the black bars, that's a bug we've been trying to iron out.
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