Functions on my Agent pages are not available

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Functions on my Agent pages are not available

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I have been looking at the new services you have implemented. When I go to the history drop down all the links are orange and when I click on them I am returned to the Dashboard. On the Notification page the only selection I can select is Email Alerts/Inactive Agent. All the other options display a red circle with a line thru it. The Dashboard and SMS are grayed out. The Dashboard Options window says that RAS and Security Scan are available but on the Configure drop down those two options are orange and not selectable.


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Re: Functions on my Agent pages are not available

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We are in a transition adding some of the business side features into

This may help explain what is going on: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=60
We are also trying to update all of the help notes in the pages where you configure etc.

Grayed out items mean they are not available in the current level of reports meaning Basic but are available in Extended reports.
Some of the things you see are in transition where we need to catch up with help here and there.

We do post in the new features section of this forum however to let members know what we're up to. It's s work in progress. We also mentioned in a few places that we're happy to give members a preview, all we ask for is some feedback in the forums on how has or is helping.

A problem with our free service is that we have a lot of people using it but next to no one giving us feedback which makes it hard to know about problems, ideas, suggestions and more importantly, how it's helping.
I'm with the support team. Please post your question and I'll try to answer

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