Beyond outages to be removed

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Beyond outages to be removed

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After a great deal of testing and consideration, we have decided to remove the Beyond level of outages and stats. is meant for monitoring the local Internet service and provider offering it.
Any outages which are experienced through the Internet provider are valid in that customers can use the information to try and get help.

However, anything beyond the provider is not only useless since those networks are not providing services directly to consumers but also because these are outages which may or may not be affecting this connection.

The agent is constantly communicating with the network and therefore, packets flow across a number of networks to get there. Therefore, it is that single connection which may have experienced an outage and not the consumer level Internet service.

By showing them, it could imply that this connection has suffered an outage while in fact, it may or may not have prevented this network from communicating to other locations across the Internet.

This decision is being made in order to provide a service that remains more about monitoring the local Internet and provider and not about anything beyond that.