Community level split into two levels.

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Community level split into two levels.

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After several months of monitoring how is being used by members, we have determined that it would be best to split our Community level (Light and Standard views) into two separate packages.

Why split Community into two?
This move is in part wanting to continue offering a free Community level and because of the technical challenges in terms of options between the packages that we offer. Our current community level offers both the light and standard views which will now become our free Community and our new Standard level monitoring and reports.

The change comes for two reasons. First, we canvased many of our members asking which views and tools are most useful to them. The result was that for the occasional user that wants to see what is going on with their connection, the Light view appears to be all they need. We also found that many small IT companies are using the standard view level to support their customers and they would like to have flexible package options.

While we have been able to keep these two segments together, it is becoming more difficult as we continue to add options and features. Technically, the two can no longer exist as one single level and must be split up.

The change will occur over the next few days and will not affect those with Extended level reports or oganizations.

Our intention is to always have a free version that anyone can use, any time they want either when they are experiencing problems or keeping it on and monitoring regularly how their connection and provider are doing. As we continue to add more options and features, it will become easier to add functionality that Community members can enjoy while Standard and Extended members can have more options.