Agents - Release notes

Read only - Announcing new features and sharing some of the release notes.
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Agents - Release notes

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Added new Flex bandwidth test for Organizations.
This beta introduces a new bandwidth test which runs much more often but uses a lot less data than traditional full saturation testing.
Results so far are quite interesting and truly show how an Internet connection's speeds are constantly going up and down while commercial speed testing sites almost always show full speeds unless there is a serious and ongoing issue with the connection.

Several test releases of this version in trying to find a Windows installer problem.

Adding .NET 4.5 if not already on the target PC. This is to handle older win7 machines that are no longer being updated. The installer would often fail because our current digital signature could not be tested properly since the PC doesn't have newer certs.

Changed installer to not use the internet or launch any binaries in order to simplify the installation. Also shortened the temporary credentials to make it easier for members no not typo.

V1.63.2007 - Dec 31, 2020
Fixed digital signature on Windows package.
Added Debian 10 ARM (Aarch64) version.

V1.62.2006 - Dec 9, 2020
Re-release of this version to address putting the code certificate back into the test release to prevent virus scanners and security software from popping up warnings that should not pop up.
We also changed a few small things which hopefully make the installer more reliable. We still consider this a test release at this time but could become the final version related to the installation issue.

V1.62.2006 - Nov 23, 2020
Members began reporting Windows installation issues which took a while to replicate and therefore, fix. This is a release candidate, missing the publisher information which may set off your spam control. Simply disregard this and continue. We will add the publisher information back in once we have confirmed that this update is working.

Removed need for Microsoft VC++ runtime as this changed after a Window update, causing problems.
Changed installer to be less reliant on Microsoft libraries and therefore more resilient to Windows updates.

v1.61.2005 - July 29, 2020
Updated the Microsoft installer license to Echo Networks LLC, the owner company of and other services.
No new features and no need to upgrade if you have already installed.

V1.58.2002 - Feb 24, 2020
Fixed missing DNS server/s info on OpenWrt v18
All other agents have no new features or fixes, only a version update. No need to upgrade unless you would like to remain current.

Fixed the no version showing up on Linux and some other versions.
Fixed a major speed test issue which was causing the agent to run speed tests even when disabled.
All Windows users should upgrade to this new version.

Internal fixes.
Member: Fixed windows installer. Several versions required an MS redist file. No longer required.

Internal changes dealing with how the agent communicates with the network.
Member. Fixed bug that can cause outages to not be detected.

All internal changes dealing with how the agent receives its parameters from the network.

Internal changes dealing with how the agent communicates with the network.
Added ARM version of the agent. Testing on Raspberry Pi 3A and 3B+

Internal changes dealing with how the agent communicates with the network.


Prior to moving away from Github - using issue numbers.
Windows, OpenWrt V1.54.1706
1. Issue #158 fixed
2. Issue #160 fixed (hopefully)
3. Release Linux agent version

Windows, OpenWrt V1.53.1705
Issue #152 corrected.

Windows, OpenWrt V1.53.1704
1. Issue #150 corrected

Windows, OpenWrt V1.53.1703
1. Migrate to Visual Studio 2017 and WiX 3.11
2. Switch back to previous for "target reachable" test
3. Fix Issue #149

Windows, OpenWrt V1.52.1702
1. Update software license (see issue #88) Leave as NutPile Networks?
2. Issue #136 - Adding percentages in speed test results - Added automated unit tests. Found no issues
3. Replaced TCP based 1s connection test with NTP/UDP approach (alpha tests)

Windows, OpenWrt V1.51.1701
1. Issue #137 - Adding maxtime into the parameters
2. Issue #136 - Adding percentages in speed test results
3. Issue #134 - Adding ntp into otm
4: Issue #142 - Non logging win version does not install

Windows, OpenWrt V1.50.1618
1. Issue #133: Target down outages
2. Improved timing of regular tasks

Windows, OpenWrt V1.49.1617
1. Issue #122: Wrong hop down
2. Fixed speedtest

Windows, OpenWrt V1.48.1616
1. Issue #122: Wrong hop down

Windows, OpenWrt V1.47.1615
1. Issue #122: Fixed race condition that can cause the hop count to be wrong during traceroute and "find bad hop" test
2. Issue #123 - Prevent members seeing wrong info in Details in units being shipped this coming week
3. Issue #119 - This issue is not ready to be implemented, so moved to the next version
4. Issue #121
5. Made OTM less "trigger happy" but still able to detect an outage in under 1 second

Windows, OpenWrt V1.46.1614
1. Fix Issue #128: Wrong hop down when rebooting server

Windows, OpenWrt V1.45.1613
1. Fix Issue #128: Wrong hop down when rebooting server

Windows, OpenWrt V1.44.1612
1. Fix Issue #122: Wrong hops counts affecting outages

Windows, OpenWrt V1.43.1611
1. Fix FW version and Date on Linux version - Done 05.Nov.2016
2. Fix Issue #63: Linux version
3. Fix issue #118: Agents reading parameters twice
4. Fix issue #117: Testing nginx

Windows, OpenWrt V1.42.1610
1. Issue #105: Can you simply disable UNKNOWN/CHANGED until you can get to 105
2. Issue #63: Linux version
3. Issue #110: Associating trigger with test result
4. Issue #112: Speed test results - wrong
5. Issue #113: Storing/Reading averages

Windows, OpenWrt V1.41.1609
1. Implemented issue #92: Speed test logic - Agent side
2. Fixed issue #99: Dealing with IPs
3. Fixed issue #55: Windows auto uninstall
4. Implemented issue #80: Sending LAN address of PC or Device
5. Fixed bug in logging that can cause OTM to crash! :-(

Windows, OpenWrt V1.40.1608
1. Fixed Issue #94: postal are coming in as unicode or some other garbage

Windows, OpenWrt V1.39.1607
1. Fixed gateway down bug [Issue #90] AGAIN
2. Moved log file to /tmp on internal test versions as this is flushed on reboot

Windows, OpenWrt V1.38.1606
1. Fixed gateway down bug [Issue #90]
2. Fixed hop down reports
3. Fixed potential corruption issues with hopsd strings
4. Maybe fixed trailing "0 level" hop entry in hop list report to server [Issue #39]
5. Changed installer to uninstall previous version before installing new version [Issue #55]

Windows, OpenWrt V1.37.1605
1. Fixed gateway down bug
2. Fixed Windows 7/8 version

Windows, OpenWrt V1.36.1604
1. Fixed -v option
2. Fixed speedtest parameters
3. Re-enabled trace to track down incorrect gateway down reports

Windows, OpenWrt V1.35.1603
1. Changed to different pthread library on Windows
2. Added new bandwidth test
3. Fixed outage function

Windows, OpenWrt V1.34.1602
1. Auto-detect the NIC name
2. Changed agent_id

Windows, OpenWrt V1.33.1601
1. Fixed issue #52: Random crash
2. Added /tmp/agent_id file
3. Issue #63: Linux version
4. Issue #71: Chaos Calmer: Cannot install otm - rampis is now supported.

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1515
1. Migrated to Visual Studio 2015
2. Made installer check for Windwos 7 SP1 or later
3. Added license
4. Fixed issue #35: error: failed to delete 'Password' from the registry!
5. Fixed issue #37: Repair option during Uninstall1. Fixed issue #40 (again): No pings or bandwidth being sent by new otm client

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1514
1. Fixed issue #40 (again): No pings or bandwidth being sent by new otm client

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1513
1. Fixed issue #40: No pings or bandwidth being sent by new otm client

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1512
1. Migrated to C++ and main parts of the design re-done using OO techniques
2. Using (C++11) shared pointers to fix memory issues across threads

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1511
1. Fixed issue with "UNKNOWN" reports

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1510
1. Fixed issue #25: error_logs; null end_time

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1509
1. Fixed issue #21: details for error_logs
2. Fixed issue #24: service problem after install (windows version)
3. Fixed issue #27: ie cannot download the .msi file

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1508
OpenWrt V1.32.1508 (there are no changes to the OpenWrt version)
1. Use machine ID as the username rather than the MAC address
2. Remove the Machine ID from the password as it's too long with the GUID
3. Make Carriage Return press the "OK" button in the installer (and ESC the "Cancel" button)

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1507
1. Put bandwidth and ping test in parallel threads (rest of issue #18)
2. Fixed 5s problem (Issue #20)
3. Check params file every x. Also made this configurable in the params file (Issue #16)

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1506
1. Fixed Issue #18: band_test results parser on posix
2. Fixed command line options for username and password
3. Fixed Issue #14: versionfw and fw_build

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1505
Fixed Issue #12: Outage reports not coming in

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1504
Improved thread locking to prevent deadlocks

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1503
Fixed issues with the info in the hop list

Windows, OpenWrt V1.32.1502
Changed Posix version
Change hop report to include better info for users reports

Beta Windows - final production test version
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