Monitor your wireless, LTE, 4G, 5G, mobile Internet

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Monitor your wireless, LTE, 4G, 5G, mobile Internet

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Wireless rather than wired device connections is becoming the norm around homes and offices. A lot of people are now using their cellular phones as hot spots for everything they do and some buy wireless LTE routers like this one that have both wireless and wired ports built into the device.

Rural families that have at least fair to good LTE services and only satellite as an option are finding LTE to be a good Internet solution and is being adopted quickly as the word spreads. Having the ability to monitor the local Internet provider by comparing your reports is a great way to lower your stress when you are not sure if the problems are with your service or if others are experiencing the same things.

Day in and day out we hear about people complaining about wireless services. IT people will always prefer wired over wireless but sometimes you simply don't have a choice or it's the most convenient way to make something work. What ever the reason, wouldn't it nice to know how that wireless service of yours is working?

You might have a wireless provider which means your Internet is delivered over wireless only by your provider. This includes cellular based services. However, you might have your Internet delivered by phone line or by cable and that terminates onto a wireless router in your home/office.

No matter how it is delivered, if you'd like to monitor your wireless for weak points, will show you exactly where you might be experiencing problems. What you don't see is also what tells the story. If you are experiencing constant outages and disconnections but not seeing any reports in your dashboard other than inactive notices, that gives a clue that you might have a hardware or signal issue and not an Internet routing one.
There are many reasons why you might want to monitor your wireless and now you can.

If you are using one of our hardware agents, you can now monitor your wireless Internet connection very easily. If you already have a device, depending on the version, it may be possible to gradable remotely to add this feature. All new versions will come with this feature.

As of today, has added an option in the settings that allows hardware agent owners to switch between wired and wireless and/or to use wireless only as an option. It's as simple as entering the encryption method to use, the SSID and the key and the device will restart its network to favor wireless. Each time it reboots, it will remain in wireless mode until you decide to disable this feature. Simply keep the agent connected to your router/modem as usual so that it continues to function should you disable the wireless connection.

Agents ordered as of today will contain this feature along with others such as built in DNS server to give you a little more privacy when using the Internet. Our hardware agents are perfect for those who may not want to keep a PC running twenty four hours a day. Our device uses only one watt of power and is on the job 24/7, never missing a problem and logging them all for you. Agents can be ordered from our top page at
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