New notification - Agent back online

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New notification - Agent back online

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Yes, it's the reverse of everything else, when you already know that a location is no longer communicating but want to know immediately if/when it starts doing so again. We call it the 'Agent back online' notification.

As of now, the following are the various notifications that you can set.
Our Community version gives members a way to know when their agent becomes Inactive for any reason.

Inactive agent - Means this location is no longer communicating. This may or may not be an outage but something else that is causing the location to no longer communicate. If there is in fact an outage, a report will be sent as soon as the agent can communicate again.

Extended reports subscribers have the additional features.
Notifications are emails being sent while Alerts are shown in the dashboard only. This allows members to have fine grained control over how and how often they would like to be notified and of what events.

Agent back online - We sometimes use this to be notified when something remote comes back online so we don't have to waste a trip.
Disconnected agent - An agent's status will become Disconnected approximately after 30 minutes of being Inactive.
Outages - Agent has sent an outage report.
Unauthorized ports - (Beta testing) Monitor for unauthorized firewall ports suddenly opening at this location.
Low bandwidth - Be notified when a location's bandwidth has dipped below what you have set as a threshold.
Sensor - (Organizations only) - Be notified when environment conditions go past your set thresholds. (See Overview)

As always, we welcome your input and feedback.