Howto: Low bandwidth alerts and notifications

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Howto: Low bandwidth alerts and notifications

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We have added a feature called 'Low bandwidth' for Extended reports enabled agents and organizations.
The feature allows not only monitoring for low bandwidth conditions with historical details but to also receive alerts if speeds drop below a set limit.

Alerts, notifications and historical
The new feature allows members to enable low bandwidth monitoring and alerts on a per agent basis.

Example usage
A location is paying for a 50Mbps connection and we want to know if bandwidth drops below 10Mbps.

In the Speed test page, you would;
Your bandwidth would be set to 50 (for 50Mbps).
Baseline is how often to run the speed test, picked from a drop down pick list.
LB alert enabled or disabled. Show alerts in dashboard or in historical.
LB alert would be 10 (for 10Mbps). Set LB limit before generating an event.

You can also pick what you would like to be alerted to.
Baseline - If regular, baseline tests fall below threshold.
Outages - After confirmed outages are sent.
Latency - When overall ping times fall below what the agents algorithm is calculating.
Slowdown - If a quick speed test result is lower than the agents algorithm is calculating.

As usual, this is a relatively new feature and will be fine tuned with member input and feedback.

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