Overview map - Organizations

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Overview map - Organizations

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The overview map shows in near real time all locations experiencing connection issues and/or alerts that must be dealt with.
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Status view
This view shows any combination of all active, inactive and disconnected locations.
Each status can be separately controlled to show or not to show.

The overview map provides a way for one single person to monitor dozens or hundreds of locations that may experience communications issues. A quick peek at a dedicated monitor or large screen TV on the wall shows any and all locations that may be having problems.

Organizations can become highly responsive to customers and remote equipment locations before the calls even start coming in.

Each status has a delay period. If an agent gets to an Inactive or longer status, that status is ended once the agent communicates again.
This ensures that notifications are being sent out for unique events only preventing multiple emails/SMS for the same ones.

Active - All Active status agents.
Inactive - from 20 sec to 29 min 59 sec from last communications.
Disconnected - from 30 min to 29 days 23 hours 59 min 59 sec from last communications.

Alerts are slightly different from email and SMS notifications in that there is a level of accountability involved.
When alerts are used, they not only get displayed on the map until someone deals with them but they are shown on the dashboard of each individual agent that generated one.

The first step requires that someone acknowledge the alert and the second step requires that whom ever dealt with the issue must also enter a note about what happened, what was done and by whom. These notes are then kept historically so that admins and management alike can have a report of events surrounding this location.

In the Alerts view, the map shows any and all alerts which have not been dealt with. Once someone has closed the alert, it will no longer show on the map or in the agents dashboard.

The following is a list of alerts that can be shown on the map where each can be enabled or disabled if preferred.
Once an alert is cleared by that locations admin, it is no longer shown on the map.

Multiple - This location has or is experiencing multiple alerts. Multiple alerts include any of the following alerts.
Inactive - Agents has or is inactive.
Un-authorized port - If security scan is enabled, an unauthorized (TCP/IP) port was or is still open.
Environment - If optional sensor installed at this location, shows alarm such as low/high temps, high moisture, high vibration, etc.
Low bandwidth - Agent has or is experiencing bandwidth minimum set by admin.
Disconnected - Agent has or is disconnected. No communications from 30 min to 29 days), the alert will show.
Outage - This location has or is experiencing an IP outage.
Back online - This location has begun to communicate again after being offline.

On the right hand side are the Recent events list which is constantly updated as quickly as markers change on the map.