Earning points by sharing www.outages.io

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Earning points by sharing www.outages.io

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Once logged into the control panel, you will notice an item called Points at the top of the main menu.
Clicking on this item brings up a page showing points earned for letting others know about www.outages.io.

In each agent dashboard, there is an option called 'Available packages' where reports can be upgraded or special features can be enabled using our convenient PayPal buttons. Some of those items allow the exchange of points. Points can be earned in different ways and we'll add more options over time to make it even easier to build them up.

Points can be earned for referring a friend, co-worker, neighbor as well as sharing a link to www.outages.io on another public site such as a forum or blog comment. More items will be added over time to make it fun and rewarding to share Outages.io with others.

To refer a friend/associate, enter the person's name then click on 'Create a referral'.
After clicking the button, a unique link will be displayed which is sent to your friend/associate.
Track your effort by looking at the status which will show if the person signed up using the link you sent them, and if they have installed an agent or not.
Once they install an agent and after it has run for at least 72hrs, the system will automatically award you one point.

Submit links
To submit a link, simply paste the URL where you have shared www.outages.io in a forum, blog, or another post into the 'Insert URL that backlinks to www.outages.io' then click on 'Submit a backlink'. The link will be sent to Outages.io support for review.

If it meets our basic requirements, you will be contacted to provide some proof that you posted this and points will be awarded. If accepted, your links section will show the URL, points awarded, and the status of "Approved." If not accepted, the status will show "Not approved."

Examples of submitting links are as follow.

Earn 1 point for a verifiable forum post made by yourself mentioning www.outages.io that has been indexed by at least Google.
Earn 1 point for a verifiable blog comment made by yourself mentioning www.outages.io that has been indexed by at least Google.

Note that backlinks must be to our information site which is www.outages.io as the control panel (ocp.outages.io) contains only the login page.

This section shows all purchased or exchanged for points upgrades

Like all free offers, they are sometimes subject to abuse.
In this case of backlink URLs, one could simply look up www.outages.io and submit links claiming they posted them for example. We reserve the right to verify all links submitted and will only award points to a single instance of that link. If a member claims to have posted something and submits a link that was already claimed, they will not be awarded the point.

Why are we offering this as an option?
Primarily, it is because Outages.io can be difficult to find on paid search engines. The more links on the Internet about Outages.io, the better chances that people can learn about the service. The more members we have, the more we can improve our monitoring tools for everyone.

Providers, outage sites, and network operators easily outbid everyone for key phrases that allow people to find us. Being armed with facts about your Internet services is not in their best interest and our new feature may help to change this.

We hope you will take part and help spread the word about www.outages.io.