If outages show the wrong 'local' or 'provider' network

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If outages show the wrong 'local' or 'provider' network

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An automated algorithm is employed to determine at which point Internet connection problems are occurring such as on the local network, with the provider or beyond.

In some cases, it is not possible for the algorithm to automatically determine this and human intervention is required.

The way to tell when the algorithm is not able to properly determine the location is when looking at outages and knowing that a device (hop) is in fact in the building or with the provider and appears to be wrong. For example, the reports may show that many problems are in the building when you know they are in fact with the provider. Or, in some cases, the reports may show that many problems are with the provider when they are in fact in the building.

The algorithm is most often unable to accomplish its task when there are either multiple routers before the provider or what may be an unusual number of private IP's being used.

The solution is to manually bypass the algorithm so that it can show the correct information.
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We prefer to do this together to ensure that the classification of the local and provider networks will be accurate.