Creating agents, troubleshooting install problems

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Creating agents, troubleshooting install problems

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Creating a new agent means the process of both creating its reports in your control panel and downloading, installing the software on the PC/device. These two components are associated. If one is removed, your reports can no longer be updated.

For example, if you remove the software from your PC but keep the reports in your control panel, the reports will no longer get updated. If you remove your reports but leave the software running, the software will have no report to update.

For troubleshooting - See below

Creating a new agent

From the Agents list, click on 'Create software agent'.
This will create a new report and take you to the initial settings page.

Initial settings

Pick the version of the software agent based on the operating system, enter the current Internet providers name and finally, the location where this agent will be installed at.

Setting the correct location is important as it provides a consistent addressing scheme in order to give you accurate reports. In addition, having the correct location data can show you if others in your area are also experiencing problems when/if multiple locations are affected and if others are monitoring in your area.

Enter the full address or partial address then click on 'Click to Auto fill address details'. If the information shown on the right hand side is not correct, simply use your mouse to move the map, zoom in and out as needed to pinpoint the location then double click to save that location. This is sometimes required if the mapping system cannot find your exact location.

Once done, click on Create and you will be taken to the installation page.

Uninstall previous version first

You must uninstall any previous version if one is installed otherwise, the installer will only remove the existing software then complete without installing the new version. We recommend downloading, extracting and saving the agent to a known location on your PC so that you can restart the installer if it ended due to uninstalling a previous version.

Installation page

If you have not installed an agent before, please review the shown installation notes to prevent any problems.

When ready, click on 'Agree to terms and conditions'.
Write down or keep the installation credentials in your view as you will need them during the installation.
Click on the download link and save the software to your PC/device.
Double click the file it to start the installation.

At one point during the installation, you will be prompted to enter some credentials.
Here you enter the credentials displayed. The purpose behind these is to ensure that your agent is assigned to your control panel.
The installer will complete the installation and display a success notice ending the process.

You should now be able to go to the Agents menu and see your new agent in Active status.
Click on the first icon, on the right hand side to go to its dashboard.

To confirm proper operation, you should see the Heartbeat in green, you should see 'hops' in the Recent events/Agent communications and you should see Pings start to come into your Pings graph.


If you see 'please wait while the credentials are being checked' and nothing else happens or notice that the agent is not communicating with your dashboard, this usually means the installer was not able to continue properly.

The two main reasons this could happen are that the installation was not started with a user that has full administrative access to the PC or that there is something on the PC preventing the installer from updating the local firewall.

If the local firewall is not updated, the service will not be allowed to communicate over the Internet and so cannot reach the network to start running.

windows-firewall.png (15.61 KiB) Viewed 82 times

If you do not see the Echo Networks Service rule after trying to install an agent, it means something blocked the installer.

You could try manually creating the rule as shown in the image and making sure the user doing the install has full administrative access.

Next, check to see if the software was in fact installed. If it was, after adding the firewall rule, you may only need to restart the Echo Networks service then check the dashboard for that agent to see if it is communicating.

The other option is to uninstall the agent first, then re-install as usual and this time it should work.

Reasons for seeing '24hrs to complete install

Creating an agent also requires downloading and installing the software on the PC/device in order to begin sending data to its associated report.

The agent is not installed correctly. If you do not see hops in the Standard view/Recent events and/or Pings coming in, it means something is blocking the agent from fully communicating with<br /> This usually means either ICMP is blocked on your PC/device or router or firewall.

Auto removed - This ID (agent) will be automatically removed 24hrs from the time it was created to prevent cluttering your control panel.
Simply create a new agent if this one is removed.

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