Notifications menu (emails, alerts, SMS)

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Notifications menu (emails, alerts, SMS)

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Emails, Dashboard alerts and SMS notifications
Our goal is to prevent spamming while giving members control over notifications and alerts. There are three ways of being notified, email, dashboard alerts and SMS. Available options are based on the reports level. If an option is grayed out, it means it is not available for this level of reports.

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Community level reports offer the ability to enable/disable inactive email alerts. Extended adds all but SMS and SMS is available to US based Organizations.

Up to three emails/SMS will be sent at which time, logging in to re-enable notifications is required. This is done to prevent spamming members with too many emails/SMS.

Enable/disable the types of notifications/alerts wanted using the sliders then adding a check mark to each item wanted.

Enter the Email address that should receive email alerts. Be sure to use a working email address and if needed, whitelist and with the receiving mail provider if the email lands in the spam/junk folder. Whitelisting will prevent emails from going to the spam/junk folder.

If using SMS, enter +1 then the full number of the receiving mobile without spaces or dashes.

Extended reports
Extended reports add more control over how, when and how you'd like to know what's going on.
The following additional options become available along with dashboard alerts which are explained below.

This agent (or location) has not communicated in at least 20 seconds and is now considered Inactive.

Agent back online
This is especially useful when we know a location is no longer communicating but want to know if it starts up again. An example might be a long trip saved from having to send someone because the service came back before doing so.

This agent (or location) has not communicated for at least 30 minutes.

This agent has sent a confirmed outage event report.

Unauthorized port (Hardware agents only)
Our monitoring system has discovered unauthorized ports open at this locations firewall. (See Security scanning)

Low bandwidth
This location is experiencing bandwidth that is lower than the set limit. (See Speed test)

Sensor (Hardware agents only - if equipped with optional environment sensor)
This location is experiencing an environment condition limit that you have set.
Environment conditions include temperature, humidity, pressure, light, barometric, sound, air quality, vibration and seismic.

Dashboard alerts
Dashboard alerts can be useful if you prefer not to receive emails because you are monitoring on a very regular basis. These alerts are dashboard only and all alerts will be saved in your Historical menu.

The main purpose behind alerts are to ensure that any event being monitored is acknowledged and that a historical trail of what was done exists. The history is shown in the Historical menu which opens up with Extended reports.

This can be helpful when multiple people are managing agents at different locations such as an IT support, MSP's and others.

When an alert is displayed in the dashboard, someone has to acknowledge it.
Once acknowledged, its status color changes from red to yellow.

Then, a reason for closing the alert must be entered such as what happened, what was done, who did it and so on.
The historical details of each event includes a history of alerts, who dealt with each and what was done.

Outages vs Inactive agent
Inactive notifications are meant to alert you of an event. If the event is an outage, the agent will send its report as soon as it can reach the Internet again. If the event doesn't eventually show an outage, it means your agent was unable to communicate over the Internet for some other reason. Something was turned off, disconnected, bad wiring, any number of things. If it seems unknown, then let the agent run and you should eventually see a trend and find the problem.

Outage report loss
Never turn off an agent if your Internet seems down otherwise, the agent will lose the report it would have otherwise sent.
You can learn more about agent statuses here. viewtopic.php?f=32&t=31

Please do not flag notifications as spam
Online services face a challenge. People sign up to see how things work then often flag their own notifications as spam rather than logging in to disable them. This behavior can cause others using the same mail service to miss their notifications. Please flag responsibly and log into services you've signed up to and disable emails.