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Manage agents menu

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Members can install agents in any combination of community and extended reports along with either software or hardware agents.

This page shows all agents assigned to this account in a list format. This means managing multiple locations from one account is not only possible but beneficial.

Manage agents menu items

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Reset filters: For large numbers of agents, filtering helps find specific agents/locations and can be reset here.
Create software agent: For adding software agents including Windows, Linux, ARM and others.
Order hardware agent: Order hardware agents and Extended upgrades here.
Activate hardware agent: Assign hardware agents to your account using the credentials sent in a corresponding email when ordered.

Right hand Actions (mouse over icons)

Dashboard: Takes you to this agents dashboard and reports. (See Dashboard)
Notifications: Link to Notifications menu. Green means notifications are enabled. Red means notifications are disabled.
SW update: When red, it means there is an updated version of the agent software available for this agent.
Reboot: Some agents have a remote reboot option. Use this to reboot any remote hardware agent.

Range picker: Allows viewing updated stats up to the last 30 days. From 24hrs up to 30 days. Stats are explained below.

Level: Shows what level this agents reports are in, free Community or Extended reports.
ID: The ID used to identify this particular agent. Mostly used internally by and for support.
Nickname: Nicknames can be assigned to each agent, making it easier to know which and where this agent is.
Avg speed: The average speed, recalculated every 24hrs if speed testing is enabled.
Outages: The total number of confirmed outages by this agent for the past 30 days.
Uptime: The total number of uptime this agent was online for the past 30 days.
Downtime: The total number of downtime this agent was online for the past 30 days.
Address: The location where this agent is installed.

Because some organizations could have hundreds or thousands of agents, filtering is provided so that managers and users can more find and view specific agents and locations. For example, filtering to show only inactive or disabled agents or filtering for a specific street in a specific city will display only those agents which meet the desired criteria.

The agents list gives a quick overall view of how agents/locations are doing. We can see each agents average Internet speed, how many outages it experienced and how much uptime and downtime over the past twenty four hours. When we change the range to say a week or two weeks, the details will be recalculated on the spot showing them for that amount of time.

The Avg speed, Outages, Uptime and Downtime are recalculated every 24hrs and up to 30 days back from this date.
For longer term and cumulative statistics, extended reports opens up the Historical menu.