Dashboard - Light view

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Dashboard - Light view

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The Light view is the default new member view.

The idea behind this is to try showing information in ways that most anyone can understand when it comes to troubleshooting their Internet connection. To switch between the two modes, click on the Set dashboard option and pick the preferred view.

light-upper-dashboard.png (59.74 KiB) Viewed 299 times

The Light view contains less information than the Standard view in trying to keep things a bit simpler to read and understand.

At a glance
The right hand column, what we call the 'At a glance' section, contains basic information about the agent along with useful network details.

Breakdown of my Internet problems
This graph shows where most of the problems are in terms of being local, with the provider or beyond.

When my Internet was down
This area shows ongoing updates of confirmed Internet outages, when they happened and where the algorithm thinks the problem was, on your own network, with your provider or beyond.

My outages in a visual representation (mouse over for details)
While the above provides basic information about outages, mousing over each event in this section reveals more details about the event.

Each entry shows date, time, duration, hop count, hop down, who owns it and more. To help understand how the Internet works, we have written an article that tries to explain it in non technical terms and can be found here. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=27.

The information provided is key to understanding where most of the problems are originating from and how to deal with them by having hard facts.
If an agent owner does not have the technical ability to understand these results, someone who is more technically inclined should be able to provide assistance and explain what they are seeing. Members are also welcome to post in these forums and we'll try to help when ever possible.

When are most of my outages at (mouse over for details)
This graph shows when most of the problems are occurring with this Internet service.

Over time and as outages are logged, added into this agents reports, a trend will begin to emerge in the graph.
Each bar represents a 30 minute time frame and each bar contains up to three time ranges between seconds, minutes and hours.
By looking at the bars, one can see when most of the problems are occurring, how long they generally are.

when are most of my outages.png
when are most of my outages.png (6.13 KiB) Viewed 296 times

In the above example, the most common time of outages for this connection is about 5:30pm and most of the outages are seconds long or under one minute. The graph shows that there are other times when this connection suffers the most problems such as around 7pm and around 1am.