Remote access service RAS - Organizations only

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Remote access service RAS - Organizations only

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The RAS feature is available on select hardware agents and gives organization admins (called users) the capability to remotely and securely access devices on the LAN where the agent is installed.

This allows the user to securely gain access to routers, firewalls and other configuration pages and devices without having to open ports on the main router. No open ports on the main router means nothing interesting to see for potential hackers.

The connection is a secure encrypted one accessible from the agents dashboard in the Links section when configured. The Remote controls section of the dashboard shows the configuration set by the user.

Click on Configure, RAS to enable and configure the service.

LAN IP: Enter the LAN IP of the device to be reached from remote.

LAN port: Enter the port of the device to be reached from remote. Note that due to the user of multiple port forwarding requirements, some experimentation may be required when dealing with port 443 devices. In some cases, using port 80 may be the only way to allow port forwarding yet remains an https connection when using it.

Public IP: Enter the public IP which will be allowed to access the remote network. In addition to requiring an authorized user being logged into, configuring a public IP allows only that only that IP to access the remote network.

After filling in all of the fields and clicking on Save, the process of establishing the secured connection will begin. The status is shown in the agent dashboard under Remote controls. Once everything is up and running, the Links section will show the RAS link and the Remote controls will show the RAS configuration.

The user can now click on the link to gain secure access to any LAN device they have configured in the RAS settings.
The Remote controls section allows the user to close the link by clicking on RAS, Action allowed, Disable.

This feature can be used for many things from reaching a remote firewall, routers and other devices without having to open firewall ports and more importantly, being able to re-gain access should the firewall become compromised. A secure, encrypted, self configured back door if you will.