Configure menu - Address and Geo location

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Configure menu - Address and Geo location

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One of the most important settings required when installing an agent is setting its geo location. This not only gives the agent the correct time zone that it needs to give accurate reports but gives a consistent means of knowing where agents are installed.

Enter the full or partial address then click on 'Auto Fill Address Details Below' to ensure the correct location.
If the map does not show the exact location, one can zoom in, out, double click on the map to update until the location is as needed.
Having the correct location not only gives the proper time zone but helps to correlate if there were other locations/agents in the area that have or are suffering similar problems. This helps members to share information and know when problems are not theirs alone.

It should not be up to consumers to have to prove to providers that services are not working right and is why is here to help.

For privacy, while street numbers can be entered to set the map location correctly, this information will never be shown publicly.
Street addresses are used solely for users to correlate if others in the area are seeing the same problems and to filter agents in various locations.