Configure menu - Data usage

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Configure menu - Data usage

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This is an alpha feature that only works on dual port (or more) hardware agents.

The agent would be connected between the providers router/modem and would determine that exact amount of data and bandwidth being used by this location.

One of the reasons this feature is not even in beta is because it means the agent would be connected in a way that could theoretically monitor packets and thus be used as a profiling tool.

The mission is strictly anti profiling. The agents do not and can not monitor how members use their Internet or where they go because the agent acts as a LAN device only. It is not able to sniff packets from other ports on the switch.

By adding this feature, it could be argued that such a monitoring capability could be installed though this would not be the case.
This feature is a question of principals and not wanting to get pulled into such accusations.

The feature has been tested internally and by developers only to decide on the usefulness of such an addition.

Should enough members want this feature, we may continue development of it.