Configure menu - Speed test

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Configure menu - Speed test

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The speed test is a constantly evolving feature.

Enabled=no (default setting)
No speed testing will be done.

The agent will enable speed testing functions as follow.

1: A speed test will be run hourly to show a baseline or average. The baseline can be used to visualize when speed tests were below average.

2: The agent will enable a built in algorithm that determines when it should run a full speed test based on variety of conditions including pings latency and slowdowns. The latter is a short, non saturation based speed test that triggers a full saturation speed test if bandwidth has fallen below a certain threshold/average.

Speed Limit (Internal and experimental)
A speed limit may be imposed to conserve bandwidth. The test is trying to determine when bandwidth drops considerably and not what the full speed is. The agents job is to try and report when speeds fall below average or usable bandwidth which is difficult because it cannot know when or what applications are actually using your bandwidth. The speed limit is still in development and may or may not show in the possible settings.