Historical menu (Extended reports) - Hops

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Historical menu (Extended reports) - Hops

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Hops is in beta development in order to determine the most efficient and useful way of showing this data.

The agent not only keeps track of hops internally but it regularly sends an updated hops list which is used by the classification algorithm to help determine LAN, ISP and beyond ISP information.

Outages.io works by source and destination testing and does contain some multi-point testing algorithms. The hops are mainly used to establish a relatively constant destination point which the agent can communicate with.

Most problems with Internet connectivity are usually with the ISP or their own upstream provider. In some countries, there can be any number of smaller ISPs before reaching any significant higher tier where any one of those could be experiencing problems.

The Outages.io focus is not about monitoring the Internet but more relevant, closer to each location data that can help find problems with LAN and especially with the provider and perhaps their own upstream. The information generated by Outages.io can be highly useful to not only organizations but to the providers as well.

At this time, the most current hops list is shown in text and is meant to be informative. A graphical version of the hops will be made available in the future.