Historical menu (Extended reports) - Pings

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Historical menu (Extended reports) - Pings

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The dashboard shows four hours of pings to not only keep it from being congested with too much data but also because while pings information is useful, the most recent are the most useful. Mousing over events gives all of the details available such as date/time, max, avg and min times of pings.

Note that each record is an average of one minute. The agent runs regular pings within a one minute period which it then consolidates into one averaged out record. It then sends this to the dashboard to give a quick visual of how things are going. At the same time, the agent is also averaging out all pings which the algorithm uses to determine if there is latency occurring.

In the historical pings feature, users can select a certain date range which gives an overall view of pings over that period of time. When selecting a range such as one week, one month and so on, all pings for that period will be shown.

Note that unlike outages and other historical data, older pings data is removed from storage regularly to prevent tables from growing with relatively non useful data.

The default historical view is one week. If not data shows, try changing the range to two weeks, a month and so on.

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