Historical menu (Extended reports) - Network stats

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Historical menu (Extended reports) - Network stats

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The dashboard shows the last 50 stats while the historical menu is meant to offer ongoing, overall statistics about the performance of this locations Internet service and where most of the problems might be.

MOD means 'most often down'.

% Affected networks: Percentage of Internet problems with LAN, ISP or beyond.
Top MOD hops: Top most problematic hops showing where, LAN, ISP or beyond.
Top MOD orgs: Organizations experiencing the most problems relating to this connection.

It is important to note that all references to 'Beyond ISP' are informational only. The most important information is how the ISP is performing. Anything beyond ISP is not only informational but is a test point that Outages.io is using to monitor the performance of the service. In some cases, some of these could have affected services but the main point is to monitor the Internet service provider. Older information can be found in the historical menu.

MOD, meaning 'Most Often Down' and in this case related to the hop and organization. A hop is a networking piece of hardware such as a router or modem, then the providers switches, all of which packets must travel across in order to reach Internet sites or services. Each device that data travels across is called a hop.

If any one of these hops prevents data from getting to the next device, the local connection could suffer slow, sluggish or even unreachable services until that device is fixed. In most cases, the cause of such a loss can be attributed to a bad cable, hardware malfunctioning or improperly configured interface/device or of course human error such as a cable being disconnected.

In today's real time world, such problems can affect VoIP phone calls, live video and other services not to mention constantly getting disconnected from servers and other devices.

The Network stats shows the last 50 outages broken down by Lan, ISP (Internet provider) and Beyond. The top 5 hops will show where most of the hop problems have been and the top 5 orgs will show with which organizations if the problems are beyond the local network.

The default historical view is one week. If not data shows, try changing the range to two weeks, a month and so on.